Belle Chanson

Belle Chanson (listed as Adv Treb 1-4) is the varsity treble ensemble for Hebron High School.  Belle Chanson performs in all HHS choir concerts and UIL Concert and Sight-reading Contests, as well as participate in the LISD Solo and Ensemble Contest.  Belle Chanson also performs at community and school events during the year.  Several Belle Chanson members audition for All-State Choir.  Belle Chanson members are graded on class participation, singing tests, and rehearsal and concert attendance.  Belle Chanson members must participate in choir for the entire school year.

Auditions for A Cappella Choir and Belle Chanson are held in the HHS Choir Room during the spring.  Typically, judges hear students sing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” A cappella and another piece (provided by the HHS directors) with CD accompaniment. Students also will sight-read an eight-measure melody. An information audition packet will be available to students as auditions draw near. Audition material will also be available on