The Hebron Choir has a legacy of excellence!  Since 2003, Hebron Choir has had students selected for the elite Texas All-State choirs.  The All-State process is intense and difficult.  The selection process is multi-phased (learn more), so it is quite an honor to be selected.  Below is a list of Hebron students selected to the Texas All-State choir.

Hebron High School Texas All-State Choir Members

2018Addie ThrowerAll State Treble Choir
2018Shawn MerchantAll State Mixed Choir
2017Colin Foley
2017Courtney Seale
2017Sydney Hairel
2017Alice Moye-Honeyman
2017Laurel Burrer
2017Shawn Merchant
2016Nickole LaraWomen's Choir
2016Courtney SealeWomen's Choir
2016Sean GhediMen's Choir
2016Kaylee HairelMixed Choir
2015Jordan WhiteleyWomen's Choir
2015Tyler HerrodMen's Choir
2015Jessica HarperWomen's Choir
2015Kaylee HairelMixed Choir
2015Madison GilbertMixed Choir
2014Kaylee HairelMixed Choir
2014Mickael RumpffTenor/Bass Choir
2014Patrick WarrenTenor/Bass Choir
2014Gillian WhiteMixed Choir
2014Kathryn BrodeMixed Choir
2013Kathryn BrodeMixed Choir
2013Judson SeeleyMixed Choir
2013Parker SwindlingMixed Choir
2012Kathryn BrodeMixed Choir
2012Shelby BohlmanMixed Choir
2012Caleb MassieTenor/Bass Choir
2011Saqeef AliTenor/Bass Choir
2011Christine VargheseTreble Choir
2011Shelby BohlmanMixed Choir
2010Natasha BhatiaMixed Choir
2010Christine VargheseTreble Choir
2009Natasha BhatiaMixed Choir
2009Bailey MoelleringTreble Choir
2009Thomas MaplesTenor/Bass Choir
2008Roy AtwoodTenor/Bass Choir
2008Cody GohlMixed Choir
2008Natasha BhatiaTreble Choir
2007Ashley BurgessMixed Choir
2007Derek SommerTenor/Bass Choir
2006Lauren BrinsonMixed Choir
2006Ashley BurgessMixed Choir
2004Kathy ColemanTreble Choir
2003Leigh TitteringtonMixed Choir