The Hebron Choir has a legacy of excellence!  Since 2003, Hebron Choir has had students selected for the elite Texas All-State Choirs.  The All-State process is intense and difficult.  The selection process is multi-phased, so it is quite an honor to be selected.  Below is a list of Hebron students selected to the Texas All-State Choir.


2024Greta KnightAll-State Mixed Choir
2024Anna GarciaAll-State Treble Choir
2024Mateo BerzunzaAll-State Mixed Choir
2024Brennan TurmanAll-State Tenor-Bass Choir
2023Ella MesumbeAll-State Mixed Choir
2023Audrey ShinAll-State Mixed Choir
2023Greta KnightAll-State Treble Choir
2023Anna GarciaAll-State Treble Choir
2023John Michael ManonAll-State Mixed Choir
2023Timothy ChongAll-State Tenor-Bass Choir
2022Kaitlyn JohnsonAll-State Mixed Choir
2022Marissa KoubaAll-State Mixed Choir
2022Audrey ShinAll-State Mixed Choir
2022Ella MesumbeAll-State Mixed Choir
2022Anna GarciaAll-State Treble Choir
2022John Michael ManonAll-State Mixed Choir
2022Jackson FowersAll-State Mixed Choir
2021Kaitlyn JohnsonAll-State Mixed Choir
2021Shrinidhi ThiruvengadamAll-State Mixed Choir
2021Audrey ShinAll-State Mixed Choir
2021Numair HajyaniAll-State Mixed Choir
2021Bradley JamesAll-State Mixed Choir
2021Ainsley CarmichaelAll-State Treble Choir
2021Max GilkisonAll-State Tenor-Bass Choir
2020Jackson FowersAll-State Tenor-Bass Choir
2020Macy NewmanAll-State Treble Choir
2020Audrey ShinAll-State Treble Choir
2020Shrinidhi ThiruvengadamAll-State Treble Choir
2019Addie ThrowerAll-State Treble Choir
2019Shawn MerchantAll-State Mixed Choir
2018Addie ThrowerAll-State Treble Choir
2018Sheridan WhiteAll-State Mixed Choir
2017Colin FoleyAll-State Tenor-Bass Choir
2017Courtney SealeAll-State Treble Choir
2017Sydney HairelAll-State Treble Choir
2017Alice Moye-HoneymanAll-State Treble Choir
2017Laurel BurrerAll-State Treble Choir
2017Shawn MerchantAll-State Tenor Bass Choir
2016Nickole LaraAll-State Women’s Choir
2016Courtney SealeAll-State Women’s Choir
2016Sean GhediAll-State Men’s Choir
2016Kaylee HairelAll-State Mixed Choir
2015Jordan WhiteleyAll-State Women’s Choir
2015Tyler HerrodAll-State Men’s Choir
2015Jessica HarperAll-State Women’s Choir
2015Kaylee HairelAll-State Mixed Choir
2015Madison GilbertAll-State Mixed Choir
2014Kaylee HairelAll-State Mixed Choir
2014Mickel RumpffAll-State Tenor-Bass Choir
2014Patrick WarrenAll-State Tenor-Bass Choir
2014Gillian WhiteAll-State Mixed Choir
2014Kathryn BrodeAll-State Mixed Choir
2013Kathryn BrodeAll-State Mixed Choir
2013Judson SeeleyAll-State Mixed Choir
2013Parker SwindlingAll-State Mixed Choir
2012Kathryn BrodeAll-State Mixed Choir
2012Shelby BohlmanAll-State Mixed Choir
2012Caleb MassieAll-State Tenor-Bass Choir
2011Saqeef AliAll-State Tenor-Bass Choir
2011Christine VargheseAll-State Treble Choir
2011Shelby BohlmanAll-State Mixed Choir
2010Natasha BhatiaAll-State Mixed Choir
2010Christine VargheseAll-State Treble Choir
2009Natasha BhatiaAll-State Mixed Choir
2009Bailey MoelleringAll-State Treble Choir
2009Thomas MaplesAll-State Tenor-Bass Choir
2008Roy AtwoodAll-State Tenor-Bass Choir
2008Cody GohlAll-State Mixed Choir
2008Natasha BhatiaAll-State Treble Choir
2007Ashley BurgessAll-State Mixed Choir
2007Derek SommerAll-State Tenor-Bass Choir
2006Lauren BrinsonAll-State Mixed Choir
2006Ashley BurgessAll-State Mixed Choir
2004Kathy ColemanAll-State Treble Choir
2003Leigh TitteringtonAll-State Mixed Choir

Convention Performances 
2023 Texas Music Educators Association Convention
Hebron A Cappella Choir – Alexander Carr and Nathan Ratliff – Directors

2017 Southwestern American Choral Directors Association Conference
Hebron Varsity Treble Choir – Rachel Forester and Nathan Ratliff – Directors
2015 Texas Music Educators Association Convention
Hebron A Cappella Choir – Rachel Forester and Nathan Ratliff – Directors

Notable Accolades
American Prize Winner – 2023
American Prize Finalist – 2022, 2023
Festival Di Voce Grand Champions – 2016, 2023
Festival Di Voce Reserve Grand Champions – 2022
Festival Di Voce Honorable Mention – 2022, 2024
Mark of Excellence National Winner – 2021